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Icy Waterwheel at Colesburg in Potter County. Shared by Stan Hess. The kitchen will be open. Children under 12 admitted free when accompanied by a parent or other adult. For information, call William Sallade at or email bankinbill zitomedia. Why are children allowed to go to a gun show Its Potter County, everyone has access to a gun.

They can't buy them, just look at them with an Adult. All of the dealers at the show still have to comply with the state and federal gun laws. I take my kid every year,He is 9 years old now and he is learning how to be careful with and respect firearms. The violence in America is not because of guns I suppose we shouldn't let them be around baseball bats or archery equipment, or kitchen knives either!!

This is a very responsible organization and hunting and sporting weapons are an important part of our heritage. As always, the NRA and other overzealous gun enthusiasts are distorting the positions of the Presidential candidates and trying to demonize this politician or that.

I take into account a politician's position not the NRA rhetoric, but the truth on the shooting sports and many, many other issues when deciding how to cast my vote. I support the rights of hunters and the Second Amendment as I understand it. Remember the era in which it was drafted what "arms" were back then and why an amendment was necessary. You can rationalize and stretch the amendment all you want to try and make it apply to the "arms" of today, but as one individual I roulette gun show pa not support the right of any civilian to own an assault rifle.

I respect the rights of all who disagree with me, too. This debate should always be civil. Those who have assault rifles: I do not wish to disturb you and Gambling licence in hope you get your deer this year and maybe even a bonus deer. I'm just hoping to be able to see deer this year when I go hunting.

I was lucky last year, but we went for a ride through "prime" deer viewing country last weekend and saw 1 lonely doe under an apple tree The "right to bear arms" amendment should be challenged We are the most violent country on the planet and a lot of it is due to our easy access to guns.

If the government outlaws guns then only outlaws will have guns. I'm sure that I can fend off someone breaking into my house with my kitchen broom. The most violent nation You say we are the most violent nation? I have not seen this happen in our Great USA but if people like you got your way it would be happening here. So if I'm a criminal and they change the law to not allow guns, I'm going to suddenly change my way of life and turn in my guns or stop trying to acquire them?

I really don't think thats how the real roulette gun show pa operates. Accidents happen with everyone. Should we get rid of automobiles because thousands get killed every year in car accidents? People smoke cigarettes every day which are proven to cause cancer and kill people, but nobody shuts them down. Cigarettes aren't a very good argument Someone has to pull the trigger, the gun didn't hurt anyone or shoot itself, getting dumb.

Here is a thought I could be in left field here BUT law obeying citizens follow the rules and regulations there for they will treat their fire arms with respect and respect of others. Criminals on the other hand do not follow the rules anyway so why take away from the citizens that obey? Besides with the big bale out on wall street our federal and state govenment needs all the tax dollars they can get! And they do get tax dollars from the sale of fire arms! Heck if you want to build a race track in NYS there is even a piece of the pie for you!

Just wondering because we have just saved ourselves about We need a few more laws that regulate our rights as law obeying tax paying citizens now don't we?! Look at it this way if they shut down cigs, guns, alocohol, your taxes go up. We got to make that extra money somewhere, so we can support other countries!!! So to each or their own or you pay more taxes because the jack ass next to you quit smoking????? I'll bet that id we made the U.

Senators and the rest of the federal government use the same healthcare, retirement, and social security plans that we useI would bet that there would be immediate changes. So what is the difference between paying more taxes because my "jack ass" buddy quit smoking or paying more for my health insurance because he didn't? My take on the smoking ban It is my choice not to be dictated to. The point of the blog was rights are taken away from tax payers and who will pick up the slack for the business owners this will effect?

The neocons threatened your Representitives with Marial Law if they did not vote for the bailout bill. This would include the confisication of your guns. Because they are the next generation of Patriot and hunters. It's not the guns but the worthless parents. There is no greater way to teach children responsibility. It also teaches them to protect themselves and others. If you have to callit's to late. Maybe you should take your Libtard ways back to the city where only the criminals carry illegal guns.

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trap, trap shoot, silhouette, pistol, gun, gun club, bow hunting, Coudersport, Potter County, Pennsylvania, gun show. MEETING ROULETTE PM. Roulette Fire Department 12 River Street Roulette, PA Pa gun show. October 7th & 8th. Potter county. The Roulette Gun Show will be held at Roulette Fire Department in Roulette, PA.