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Additionally, for a roulette system to be effective, sufficient data from the roulette wheel must be obtained.

We are not recommending or endorsing the use of cheating devices. This page is here for information purposes only. Roulette computers are cheating devices that, under the right circumstances, can beat roulette. How They Work — There are many different kinds of computers but the most common design requires the user to click a button at certain reference points so that the computer can make a prediction on where the ball will eventually land.

Every time the zero and the ball go past your reference point, you click the button. The time between each click will increase as the ball slows down and the computer uses this information to calculate where the ball will land. You would need to be comfortable with the position of the button because you will be pressing it regularly and andrucci roulette system you get the timing wrong, the predictions will be wrong.

On top of that, you need to be able to press it without drawing any attention to yourself. Most computer players will then bet not only on the number that was predicted, but the surrounding numbers as well so name roulette generator the entire section is covered.

For example, if the prediction was number 7, you would bet 18 — 29 — 7 — 28 — If the casino allows it, you could do this quickly via Neighbour bets. It will require practice in real casino conditions to be able to do this without making any errors. If however you know which quadrant, or even which half of the wheel the ball will land on which is the goal for a roulette computeryou will have a huge advantage over the casino.

Are Roulette Computers Legal? Then there are countries such as the USA where they may be legal in one state but not in another. Rest assured, if the casino suspect you of using a computer, they can ban you not only from the premises, but their other casinos nationwide, for example, the Genting Group who own over 40 casinos in the UK.

Where Can I Get One? The only option is to order one online but the marketplace is a minefield. There are multiple sellers, all claiming that theirs are the best and the others are rubbish. All these major brands are aware of the risk that roulette computers pose to them and stopping bets after the ball is released is a simple way to bot this risk. Even if there are, they could change the rules overnight which would stop your computer from working.

Realistically, they can only be used in a real casino. Pick up the phone, pick up a pen and paper, send an email, just do whatever it takes to get in touch with the local authorities and make your intentions to them very clear: I want to use a roulette computer to predict spins at roulette, is this legal?

They always pay out straight away with no problems. Play at Royal Panda. Where is this button?

Roulette Computers (Cheating Devices) There are a lot of roulette bots for online casinos, which make the application of systems and roulette strategies easier. One of the commercial ones is roulette bot pro, but there is one with a similar. A roulette bot is PC software that automatically applies a roulette system at an online roulette casino. Many bots are also capable of collecting. Safe martingale/sleepers system with bot for online roulette(?) (again, aside from anything the online casino could do they may even cheat).