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Of course, you can't forget the other card analogies like "I thought I'd be your king baby, yes and you could be my queen.

Like life, country music is a wondrous, varied thing. Hence, getting it down to just 25 amazing tunes that define the genre is a difficult task indeed. The song was so successful that online gambling pick five part movie series was based on it, starring Kenny Rogers, the first of which came out in If you want a heartfelt weepie, then this is your song.

Patsy Cline — who died in a plane crash in — lends the song a stunning depth with her vocal, one of the purest and most soulful there ever was. The sound of one man with a mission. One of the great country duets, this song of dampened passion is made all the more fun by the fact that Johnny and June were so very much in love. By submitting your details, you will also receive emails from Time Inc. UKpublisher of NME and other iconic brands about its goods and services, and those of its carefully selected third parties.

The song was released after his death from a drug overdose. Country music as stand-up comedy. Bobbie Gentry is the country singer as femme fatale, crooning over softly picked guitar like a film noir come to life. A sweeping, majestic song, this super emotive tune is a country ballad of the highest order — mixing up lovelorn lyricism with an evocative picture of a lonesome man working old gambling a powerline.

A touch weird, but totally epic. This sprightly tune sees him looking back on his wayward youth. As powerful today as it was back in the day. A softly strummed, dimly graduate jobs gambling industry barroom ballad — and with extra added Emmylou Harris backing vocals for good measure — this loose and boozy heartbreak tune goes well with tears and whiskey and late nights.

Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard covered it inbut the original is the by far the best. Forgive them their awful name and revel not just in the fact that they told George W Bush where to stick it, but also this s pop country banger, complete with some excellent fiddle playing.

One of the more WTF genres born of the 20 th century was cowpunk, a riotous mixture of country and punk. LA band X did it very well indeed. Using an old bootlegged Bob Dylan chorus, Old Crow Medicine Show finished the song off for the great man, and in doing so created an tune that sounds totally timeless — and will do for a very long time.

Neil Young has always skipped around the fringes of country music, but never fully been roulette prediction tools a country artist. By Leonie Cooper Jan 20, Which is the best country song of all time? Here's the NME verdict Howdy, partners! Dolly Parton Jolene NME Newsletter Sign up for the newsletter.

The 10 Greatest Poker and Gambling Songs Ever. Masterson in the movie musical Guys and Dolls, or playing online poker in your den. There've been songs about gambling since cavemen first found according to Mick Jagger, "about gambling and love, an old blues trick". Songs with references to gambling in them Kudos to the following RYMers crkdrain, berjo, MackDaddy, moondoggieferg, Silent Mike, Benimal, Change.