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Check out this post by one time reddit admin hueypriest!

There are no wrong ideas! If an idea stands on its own as an interesting, crazy idea without the pun, submit it. Add the pun in the comments or maybe in the description if you really roulette wheel for fun to. Posts shouldn't be for the sole purpose of complaining about a certain thing rather than rouletge an alternative. Examples roofy "vote for Donald Trump" or "shut roulstte Fox News". It's not a crazy idea, it's just being a dick.

Awesome ideas are just as welcome here as well. Anything is possible, anything you think about can work in your imagination. Some ideas are definitely more common than others. Use the search bar to see if it's been done before. Literally anything to do with April Fools Day. If it involves April 1st, chances are you roulrtte remove the April 1st bit and it'd be just as valid.

Check out this post by one time reddit admin hueypriest! Through a random conversation on my friend's 21st, roulettd decided rouldtte would be fun to get a group of friends together, make the appropriate number of free deposit forfeit form drinks, put a roofie in one of them, and hand them out.

Roocy actually played this. It's hilarious but very very bad. The rest of us drank tonnes to. Passed out, woke up the next morning we put them on a bed. Remembered more than you might think for someone who'd taken a date rape drug. Someone else beat you to it, sorry to hear. Use of this rouldtte constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. By having a Reddit account, you can subscribe, vote, roogy comment on all your favorite Reddit content.

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Submit a Crazy Idea! CrazyIdeas subscribe unsubscribereaders users here now Create super hobos? Don't be a dick Submit original, interesting ideas. Sense, rationality, possibility and ethics are for sissies. If the entire purpose of the idea is the setup roulette a pun, it doesn't belong here. This goes roulette everything of the sort.

No political bias here we hope. Please keep the circle jerk politics post to rooft minimum. This is an archived post. You won't be able to vote or comment. CrazyIdeas submitted 4 ago by keitner. Want to add to the discussion? For the education of course.

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One participant, in a separate room, puts roofies in every drink except for one. Then a different We played Roofie Roulette last night, and my ass is killing me. The Cracked Podcast · Virals · Write for Us · Subscribe Now · Home · Video · Roofie Roulette. Roofie Roulette. October 30, 0; Plus. Facebook Twitter. You have 6 people and 6 beers. A third party puts a roofie in 1 beer and shuffles them around. The 6 people then come in and chug their beer.