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Home Help Login Register. Please login or register. Ellison Is a Nut. Real Fighting the war on absurdity one foolish idea at a time. He's a nut for many reasons. It appears that he was illegally trying to detain his parents so that he'd have money to support ellison gambler's fallacy gambling system. The gambler's fallacy detains people mentally and physically.

The wall of it's confines are tall, and difficult to escape. February 11, Mike Veteran Member Posts: Unfortunately, his views seem to be influential on this forum, perhaps because Kav has his article "The law of statistical propensity" on this site -- http: It's true to say that Laurie Snell didn't really entertain Ellison's ideas very much.

I got the impression online gambling and e-gold or liberty reserve reading the discourse there are several parts, I think only ever 1 part was uploaded on here that Ellison didn't really have any conviction about what he was saying.

He was kind of groping in the dark more looking for answers than anything else. Anyway, his 3qa or whatever it is doesn't work. Yeah I think you're right; Laurie Snell was just humoring Ellison. Strange that he didn't at least set him straight about the meaning of independence though. Doesn't that clown XXVV cite him sometimes?

Harryj Veteran Member Posts: I don't agree with his conclusions or his systems, but he did have some useful advice on how to apptoach the game. I suppose the problem is that those who need that advice are not qualified to weed the crap. Do you want truth? You cannot systems the truth! Real on February 11, The Genner, Indeed, there are two more parts. They are very interesting.

I will upload them "soon".

Gamble To Win Roulette [R.D. Ellison] on playroulette.top Book by Ellison, R.D.. Beating the Roulette Wheel: The Story of a Winning Roulette System .. I did not bring enough money to cover the 2 complete series recommended when the. Gamble to Win: A Complete Guide for the Serious Player [R. D. Ellison] on playroulette.top *FREE* shipping Tells how to play roulette, minibaccarat, and craps, discusses the casino industry, and explains the strategies of professional gamblers. Hello dear forum family. I have kindly been given this system from two valued members (to remain anonnymous, they know who they are.