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O'Connor, 66, pleaded not guilty in federal court to one count of money laundering as part of an agreement with the U. The agreement will defer prosecution for two years, giving O'Connor a chance to pay back the money and get treatment for her gambling addiction. In a news conference, O'Connor acknowledged that she took the money, but tumof said she "always online free roulette to pay it back.

O'Connor's attorney, Eugene Iredale, said that in the former mayor was diagnosed with a tumor, which affected the portion of her brain "that controls logic and reasoning and, most important, judgment. Joshua Bederson, the head and chairman of the neurosurgery department Mt. Sinai in New York, said O'Connor's claim of her gambling addiction being a timor of her brain tumor is uncommon but possible.

Patients with brain tumors that affect their risk and reward assessment can have other symptoms as well, Bederson said, including memory loss, gumor of inhibition and difficulty concentrating. The former mayor, who served from to as San Diego's first female mayor, said she started to gamble after the death of two siblings and her husband, Jack in the Box founder Robert Peterson. In court filings, Iredale called it "grief gambling.

Howard Shaffer, an associate professor grain psychology at Harvard Medical School, said many with gambling addictions suffer from previous psychological furniture online auburn such as depression.

Shaffer added that the act of gambling can provide a reprieve or a way to cope with other psychological conditions. Shaffer added that many gambling addicts gambling brain tumor realize how damaging their addictions can be. But when O'Connor began to lose, she liquidated her savings, borrowed money from friends and sold real estate, according to prosecutors. Inshe sold her La Jolla, Calif. O'Connor, who walked into the courthouse with a cane, did not take questions but apologized for her actions.

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Is It Possible That Maureen O'Connor's Gambling Problem Was Caused by the Brain Tumor? Can a tumor cause irrational economic. Former San Diego mayor Maureen O'Connor's attorneys argued this week that a tumor contributed to her betting more than $1 billion and. Compulsive gambling can be attributed to a brain disorder that renders addicts incapable of determining appropriate risk, a Japanese research.