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About - games, one would expect to see at least A little about me. You beat probability without money.

Share your bankroll management and also strategies that you currently use here, irregardless of the effectiveness. I do not search for bias wheel, when I am there, the wheel turn bias to what I bet. A little about me. Male created in A. I would also rroulette to share my ideas of BR and Strategy as follows. Bankroll Management I use units bankroll per trip. Bankroll is to help you reach far not just lose less and win less.

With bankroll control, one escape the low point of career with chance to still reaching the goal. Without BR control, no matter how many times you start a new bankroll, it will not help. Takes good bankroll management and emotion control. Then buy yourself food. Take the love roulette drink. Stay out of betting but stay in casino for 1 hour watching before going again. Shall we share what you observe of the game and people while not betting? I uses a labby mostly.

I also like to mix anti martingale with bread winner. Proper bet selection included. OaMhcrA System In the near future as we discuss. I will share my betting system free and let you be the judge of it. Your instinct is weak or most of the time wrong since you are not using a strategy you created. Your feeling is off, like a baseball player playing tennis with baseball glove.

Roulette can be beaten by system. Often I asked myself, is there or will there ever be a system to beat the house just like blackjack card counting. I reached a conclusion that either it is impossible since many better than me have tried and fail or those that found it, kept the secret well out of reach so the casino cannot come up with counter measure like 6 deck shufflers machines.

I chose to believe in the second. Never once cheat online gambling full 10 years have I given up. Emotions To start the ball spinning. I shall have you know that math. Many have experience the loss in a casino. Sometimes few sometimes all. Emotional gambling golf apps usually ocurr after a no bet predict hits or the last few tries of martingale lost or just a simple lost of big bet.

Sometimes gets you losing more than you wanted to. Having a confident system is not enough. Having a good healthy mind in gambling is a must to win. And there are professional with less than 5 years experience.

The world is fair, probability is hard truth In the end, probability loove up with everyone. People refuse to believe that by betting a onlinegambling bij blogspot of 1, chips over 1, rounds the house have a free 27, chips 20, - 35, in their pocket. How did you lose so much more money then? Due to your ego, pride and greed.

Mainly just being a sore loser. Going on and on trying to convince yourself the next you gonna win. Probability is not something you can out bet no matter how rich you are. Probability is nature phenomenon. You beat probability without money. Use probability to your advantage. They rule the up and downs of life, they created Lady Luck.

Probability will correct itself. About - games, one would expect to see at roukette Passion is Winning, Winning is Passion Without passion, one is only a walking dead. ,ove belief, one is nothing more than a beast. I live my life like a true gambler, burn all the endless passion in the game, putting faith in our kind to beat the unbeatable.

The casino won when you stop believing n degenerates into a low class weak donating gambler without soul. They guide your path. How many times do you need to draw to at least pick each ball once? It will average to about 3 times! Now with the same situation, but it contains 37 different number ball. You will need to collect all the numbers. How many times does it take to complete collecting each number once? It will average to Now each number ball multiplied by 10 making balls but you need to complete only 37 different numbers.

Do you still think its ? You will only follow my roulwtte blindly if I told u how to do it. I doulette with like minded people who understands and appreciate my system, ideas and someone who truely understand maths. Not someone who goes on and on about how math can solve free no deposit uk slots but just waiting to be spoon fed by someone who does all the hard work.

Correct my mistake if you find it. Give me answers for my questions. What is u ideal system? I will no oove bump full tilt no deposit own thread as I update. Too lovve of my self-reply make me feels like a scammer. You may just check for rohlette as you deem fit if interested in my topic.

We are a couple of friends in Portugal and we use this strategy http: Great site and a great topic as well i really get amazed to read this mark roulette. This one is a good share. Reverse Martingale is the suggested system of my friends. I just figure it out that many of the roulette machines are like video lottery terminals; controlled by one main computer.

So the chance of winning is purely luck. SomehowI then saw Martingale system can also be applied and reduced the Capital need to reach binomial probability of Thanks Pauli, only for sergiv…otherwise the air plane will be full roukette and I be banned fr Casinos when they casino lose?!

Anyhow I am still at beginning stage, if U continue be friend and around when I succeed with a team, U will be welcome either I visit U or vice versa…. Ricardo, alguem me falou que no algarve se abriu mais casinos, sera que e verdade? Eu conhenci apenas casino do vilamora na atura que estava ai. I myself would belive in opinion of Pauli or Scepticus or Chingy for exemple.

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The latest Tweets from I Love Roulette (@ILoveRoulette): "Aynone's birthday? Roulette cake by Liz Felgate. playroulette.top". I love to ROULETTE for 10 years and counting. I would also like to share my ideas of BR and Strategy as follows. Bankroll Management. Loveroulette is an online video chat like Love Roulette Random Chat that enables you make new friends online. It's simple and easy to use our Love Roulette  ‎Free Chat · ‎Chat Random · ‎Cam Chat · ‎Bazoocam.