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That man was Akio Kashiwagi.

A high rolleralso referred to as a whaleis a gambler who consistently wagers large amounts of money. High rollers often receive lavish " comps " from casinos to lure them onto the gambling floors, such as free private jet transfers, limousine use and use of the casinos' best suites. Casinos may also extend credit to a player to continue betting, [1] offer rebates on betting turnover or losses, [2] and salaries of employees may also contain incentive arrangements to bring in high rollers.

The definition of a high roller varies. Casinos compete on bet limits. Only casinos with "substantial financial firepower" can accommodate high-stakes gambling due to the "volatility" of results. High rollers may also be subject to exceptions from various rules and regulations; for example the high roller rooms at Crown Casino in Melbourne, Australia are the only licensed venue in the state not subject to a ban on smoking.

High rollers are said to provide only a small fraction of casino "action". John Eidsmoein his book Legalized Gambling: America's Bad Betclaims that it is actually gamblers from the lower and lower-middle classes in the United States that provide much of william hill downham gambling money. While high rollers may not provide a significant portion of the revenues in the casino industry as a whole, they can have a major effect on the net income of casinos that cater to them.

There are significant costs associated with attracting the highest stakes gamblers, so if a casino takes this chance and the patron wins, its expenses can be gambling whale stories large. But if the casino's investment pays off and the high roller loses, the casino's gain can far exceed its expenses for the high roller's visit. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the gambling term.

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When talking about high stakes gambling, it's important to make a distinction between the term “whale” and “high roller” since in the eyes of the casino they are. Here is a list of the most amazing high roller gambling stories of all time. Talk about crazy casino whale stories – this one may be the craziest of all! ADANAI takes a look at ten of the craziest gambling stories of all time. Winning, losing Watanabe was the ultimate casino whale. He would.